Okinawan Weapons Training


Kobudō (沖縄古武道)

At Okinawan Martial Arts the purposes of Kobudō are various but have one goal. Our goal of Kobudō training is the building of human beings that are of high order. We are not an organization of style, but a group of individuals in the search of the truth, in self-defense, through Kobudō training.

Our primary and fundamental Kobudō training takes the Rokushaku Bo, Sai, Tuifa and Nunchaku and concentrates on the handling and manipulation of these weapons with 5 points of emphasis. Advanced students will study and train with the Tanbo, Eku, Kama, Testuko/Tekko, Nunti Bo, 4ft. and 5ft. Bo, Tinbe and San Setsu Kon.


Why we practice Kobudō at Okinawan Martial Arts:

Together with Karate Do, Kobudō  of Okinawa have been transmitted in Okinawa as traditional martial arts since the oldest times. Like brother and sister, they are indispensable to one another. Without Karate Do, Kobudō cannot be told about and without Kobudō, Karate Do cannot be discussed.

While it is common to think that with the birth of Karate Do came the birth of Kobudo, some historians and researchers believe that Kobudō  has an older history than Karate Do. Whichever way, separating them would be telling a deformed and incomplete version of the Okinawan Martial Arts.

Looking back on history, many of the Okinawan Karate Do Masters of the 3 Era emphasized on Karate Do and went on to introduce it to Tokyo and Osaka. With the sudden interest making its introduction, many became fascinated more by the light and rapid training possibilities of Karate Do than by Kobudō.

  • Meiji Era (1868-1912)
  • Taisho Era (1912-1926)
  • Showa Era (1926-1989)

While originally there was a sibling relationship with Karate Do, however, Kobudō became somehow neglected. Still today, Kobudō of Okinawa is largely unknown to the world and the United States.

In the hardships of Okinawan history, local martial arts were polished by the blood and sweat of Okinawans so that training became a knowledge that has evolved into a spirit and pride. Kobudō of Okinawa has a long history and these martial arts are of practical use.