The study of Okinawan Martial Arts can enhance life in a multitude of ways including significant emotional improvement, mental alertness and overall physical development. These will vary depending on the individual student and will evolve during the course of their martial arts education. At Okinawan Martial Arts, we offer programs that are age-appropriate and designed specifically around the changing needs of our students.

Karate Do (空手道) Okinawan Shōrin-Ryū (小林流)

At Okinawan Martial Arts a part of our training is in Kobayashi Shōrin-Ryū Karate.

Okinawan Martial Arts trains students with the three primary goals of:

  • Kihon (Fundamental Technique)
  • Kata (Form)
  • Kumite (Fighting)

Okinawan Martial Arts also enhances the training process with the practice of:

  1. Ippon Kumite (One Step Fighting)
  2. Yakusoku Kumite (Pre-Arranged Fighting)
  3. Jiyu Kumite (Free Fighting)
  4. Iri Kumite (Hard Contact Fighting)

Under the expert instruction of Hanshi Shiroma and leadership of Sensei Ounkham, students will learn, practice and study the classical Kata listed below.

Naihanci Kata Series

  1. Naihanchi Shodan
  2. Naihanchi Nidan
  3. Naihanchi Sandan

Pinan Kata Series

  1. Pinan Shodan
  2. Pinan Nidan
  3. Pinan Sandan
  4. Pinan Yondan
  5. Pinan Godan