We offer classes that are age-appropriate and designed specifically around the changing needs of our students. Each classes offers a new set of complimentary skills that teach students to be confident and safe in their life outside of the dojo.


Kata classes focus on the traditional Kata forms of Okinawan Karate, which are the foundations for all fighting and self-defense.

Fundamental Techniques And Self Defense

This class teaches students the fundamental techniques and conditioning for successful fighting and self-defense. It is designed to offer practical skills that can be used by students in real life scenarios.

Sparring And Sparring Technique

Sparring classes allow students to apply skills they’ve learned in actual fighting scenarios, using proper padding and in a fun and safe environment.

Kobudo (Weapons)

This class, offered to Youth and Adults, teaches the fundamentals of Kobudo, the classical weapons of Okinawa. Students learn to manipulate weapons, including the Rokushaku Bo, Sai, Tuifa and Nunchaku, as an advanced form of self defense.

Partner Drills

This Adult class is designed to teach basic sets, Ippon Kumite (One Step Sparring) and Yakusoko Kumite (Pre-Arranged Fighting) to improve techniques and timing for real fighting scenarios.