Instructors & students give Okinawan Karate demonstration in Burlington

Okinawan Martial Arts today performed a karate demonstration in Burlington, WI.

The demonstration was part of a Martial Arts open house hosted by Veneration BJ and Karate 360 which share a studio in the Racine/Walworth County area.

The demonstration showcased classical Shōrin-Ryū kata or ‘forms’ (as some martial arts refer to them) and weapons combat or kobudō with traditional Okinawan weapons like the bō. The demonstration ended with free-sparring as well as some opportunity for guests to ask questions and participate in a few simple exercises.

Instructors from Okinawan Martial Arts lead the demonstration along with adult and junior students from the karate school in Lannon, WI.

A Brazilian Jiu Jitsu demonstration followed afterwards as well.

Photos and videos of the demonstration can be found below and on our Facebook page.