Black Belt Ceremony

Menkyo Ceremony

 What: Menkyo Ceremony

 Where: Okinawan Martial Arts

 When: Friday February 3, 2017 @ 7:30pm

 Who: ALL friends, family members and guests of any student at Okinawan Martial Arts

Tom Aidich (Nidan and Kobudo Shodan)

Victor Drover (Shodan)

Jessica Mickevicius (Shodan)

Matthew Samuel (Shodan)

Bob Olson (Kobudo Shodan)

Veng-Ly Tong (Kobudo Shodan)

Maura Braatz (Kobudo Shodan)

Michael Braatz (Kobudo Shodan)

*We will have our customary celebration afterwards with food, conversation, fun and family support for all.