Hanshi - 9th Dan

Jiro Shiroma

Jiro Shiroma Sensei was born in Okinawa (Ryukyu Island) Japan. and began his study of Shuri-Te (Okinawan Old Style of Fighting Arts) at the age of 13 under Master Kanji Inaiuku. At the age of 15 he began the study of Kendo (Japanese Samurai Sword) under Tokeusei Yamashiro, 8th Degree Black Belt. He received his Black Belt in Kendo at the age of 18.

When Hanshi Shiroma was 20 years old, Master Kanji Inaiuku passed away. Hanshi Shiroma then started training under (Hanshi Judan) Shugoro Nakazato, 10th Degree Black Belt and the Leader and President of the Okinawan Shorin-Ryu Karate-Do Association. Shoring-Ryu is a Karate style which includes Weapons and Tori-Te similar to Jujutsu, Aikido and Judo mixed together.

unnamedIn 1968, Hanshi Shiroma received in 6th Degree Black and Instructor (Shihan) certificate. Between 1970 and 1972 he trained in Muay Thai (Thai Kick Boxing) at the Naha Kick Boxing Gym. In 1973 he opened a Karate school in Ginowan City, Okinawa and began teaching Karate-Do.

In April of 1977 he moved the United States and opened the Arizona Martial Arts Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. He continues to teach martial arts in the Valley today and has mentored Sensei Ounkham at that location since 2009.

Hanshi Shiroma founded Sei ShindoKai (True Way). He has been instructing and training in the martial arts for over 60 years. He has studied a wide variety of martial arts styles at different martial arts institutions. Sei ShindoKai is not an organization of style, but a group of individuals in the search of the truth, in self defense, through the martial arts.

Sei ShindoKai affiliation does not require an individual or studio membership fee and is available to any style of martial arts.

Sei ShindoKai defense tactics are equal or superior to Krav Maga, FBI, Canadian Police, Navy Seals, Special Forces, SWAT and Recon tactics.


  • Takahara Peichin (1683-1760)
  • Tode Sakugawa (1733-1815)
  • Matsumura Sokon Takenaga (1809-1898) (or Bu Seitatsu Unyu) Yamakawa, Shuri
    • Aid of 17th King of Shoko, 18th King Shoiku and 19th King Shotai, Developed SHURI-TE
  • Itosu Anko (1832-1916) Yamakawa, Shuri
    • Secretary of Royal Court. In 1903, was the first to introduce Karate as public school’s physical education at Shuri Primary School.
  • Choshin Chibana (1885-1969) Torihuri, Shuri
    • Founded Shorin-Ryu Karate in 1930
  • Shugoro Nakazato (1921- 2016) Aja, Naha-city
    • He gave many demonstrations in Japan as well as abroad and had many well-known students in the United States. Notably, Hanshi Tadashi Yamashita, Hanshi Jiro Shiroma, Mr. Noel Smith, Mr. Eddie Bethea and Mr. Frank Hargrove. Hanshi Judan Nakazato was designated as an “intangible cultural asset holder” by the Okinawa Prefecture in 2000. He was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun, 5th Class with Gold and Silver Rays on November 4, 2007.