My oldest son started a couple years ago and his brother started in October of 2014. They both love the classes and are excited when it comes to learning. Sensei and his Sempai truly care about the kids and are looking to relate what they learn there to everyday life. I would highly recommend it to anybody that’s looking for a fun, yet challenging and physical activity.” — Anonymous
My son Ty began at Okinawan Martial Arts by taking the beginner classes offered through the Village of Sussex Park and Recreation Department. In January he officially joined the Youth Program and loves it! He has gained confidence, endurance, and skill and feels welcome as soon as he walks in the door. As a teacher and parent, I believe my kids receive not only high quality instruction but also build relationships with their Sempai who serve as positive role models. My daughter is currently enrolled in the Village of Sussex Park and Recreation Department program and will join Youth classes in the Fall! – Michele Bartelt 
Okinawan Martial Arts is a fantastic studio. My children, 8 and 11, both love going, are anxious to learn and really feel empowered by the whole experience especially when they are invited to help teach the junior students. Because they liked it so much, I joined myself! – Anonymous
We love all the people! Brian/Owner and his family, staff and students at this Dojo! Always helpful, professional, well-educated, talented, very caring, friendly atmosphere and students are trained all together but treated as individuals! It is like we are one big happy family! We have been here for many years and will be for many more! (God willing) We are blessed to have found Okinawan Martial Arts! I have taken my children to a few Dojos in the past before we began at Okinawan Martial Arts and this Martial Arts Dojo is top of the line for all to be taught martial arts. Thank you for being in our community! – Kelly McFarlin–Berge
Okinawan Martial Arts is an outstanding place to learn martial arts.  I feel comfortable and confident when my kids enter through those doors that they will learn the best of the best, in a safe environment, with very knowledgeable teachers.  They care for the success of my kids not only in the Dojo but also in other aspects on their lives – school, other extra-curricular activities, and home life.  We are treated with respect and the overall feeling is that of a big family.  We love this place! – Jami and Tony Vodicka
As a student and also a parent of a child that trains at Okinawan Martial Arts, I can say without hesitation that the experience and training we have both gained with Sensei Ounkham has benefitted us in many different aspects of our lives. The physical training boasts numerous health benefits and the camaraderie between the instructors and students fosters trust and helps every student, adult and youth build confidence in their abilities. – Kerry Adapathya
This is such a great place to learn martial arts. The teachers are remarkable. My two boys have been here for two years and they absolutely love coming each and everyday. I love seeing the progress that both of them have made not only at karate but at home and at school. They are dedicated to the kids, themselves and the school. We are not just people who see each other when picking our kids up we are a family. – Missy Garcia
These days, with all the craziness going on in the world, safety is always a concern, especially being a small woman. A lot of karate schools walk you through the motions. Here, we learn real-world techniques for all sizes and abilities that actually work if you ever get attacked. – Maura Braatz
From her first day at the dojo, our daughter was welcomed as a part of the Okinawan Martial Arts family. In the two years since that day, she has blossomed. She is challenged to keep pushing herself but always supported and encouraged as she hones her technique and learns new skills. The Sensei emphasizes life lessons throughout his classes and teaches practical uses for karate. We couldn’t imagine our daughter learning karate anywhere else. – Daryl & Sara Woelfel
I have been going to Okinawan Martial Arts for 4 ½ years. I have severe test anxiety and depression. Going to Karate classes as an adult has been a great way for me to combat depression. For anxiety, I’ve been training in Kobudo (weapons) for 2 ½ years and I feel that it has helped.  The staff has been very understanding with my test anxiety and is working with me to help me overcome my fear for my next test.  So, if you are looking for someplace that has phenomenal curriculum and a great place to train, look no further.  I have looked at other Dojos and this is the BEST I’ve seen. – Nicole
I have been practicing the martial arts on and off for the last 20 years of my life and I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do from my former school. I started training with Sensei Ounkham in 2010 and I wish I had found Okinawan Martial Arts sooner.  Sensei Ounkham is an exceptional instructor and he teaches class almost every day. Karate is a great workout for the young and the old and it will help improve your flexibility, cardio and concentration. The martial arts have served me well in many ways, as a traditional art, an excellent source of physical fitness and a means of self-defense. – Anonymous
Okinawan Martial Arts has been a large part of my family for four years. My wife and I both attend and it has become a part of our daily lives. I greatly appreciate the deep-rooted discipline and respect that runs through the Dojo and shapes each class. And above all, the friendship and camaraderie is irreplaceable. It is an excellent way to develop your body and mind into something better today than yesterday. The volumes of information the instructors have to share guarantees the learning will never end…equally impressive as it is welcomed! – Michael Braatz