Sei Shin Do Kai

Self Defense

Sei Shin Do Kai Defense Systems

Hanshi Shiroma founded Sei Shin Do Kai, the “True Way” self-defense system. The defense tactics in this system are equal or superior to Krav Maga, FBI, Canadian Police, Navy Seals, Special Forces, SWAT and Recon tactics. Hanshi Shiroma taught Sei Shin Do Kai directly to Sensei Ounkham who travels extensively to train with him in Arizona.

Some of the Sei Shin Do Kai techniques are designed for large strong men. Other techniques are for women and smaller people to defend against a larger attacker. Importantly, all Sei Shin Do Kai techniques are tested for usefulness, are relatively easy to learn and highly effective.

These self-defense tactics are only taught in a private or semi-private setting to allow each individual to learn suitable techniques to take advantage of their unique strengths.

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, Sei Shin do Kai seminars are held annually at Okinawan Martial Arts by Hanshi Shiroma and Sensei Ounkham. These seminars are open to everyone, regardless of knowledge, rank or style. If you, your school or your organization would like to schedule your own seminar with Hanshi Shiroma please contact him directly by telephone at (602) 978-2978 or visit