Karate Do - 空手道

Traditional Karate (Forms)

At Okinawan Martial Arts, students will learn traditional Shōrin-Ryū karate, the popular style developed on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

Shōrin-Ryū karate is a balanced martial arts style and these traditional techniques are taught to build strength, improve flexibility,  generate speed and power, and improve timing.Under the expert instruction of Hanshi Shiroma and leadership of Sensei Ounkham, these techniques lay a strong foundation for self-defense, sparring, and weapons combat.

The Shōrin-Ryū cirriculum at Okinawan Martial Arts includes:

  • Kihon – Fundamental techniques like punching, kicking, and moving
  • Kata – Choreographed sequences or forms
  • Ippon Kumite – One-step fighting
  • Yakusoku Kumite – Choreographed partner fighting

At Okinawan Martial Arts a part of our training is the entire empty hand system of Kobayashi Shōrin-Ryū Karate. It is a style considered by many noted authorities as the very first true system to have ever originated in Okinawa, the birthplace of true karate.

Hanshi Jiro Shiroma and Sensei Ounkham demonstrate and teach these original Kata in their purest, untainted and original form. It is done the same way as the great Shuri-te and Kobayashi Shōrin-Ryū masters of Okinawa’s illustrious past that include Sokon Matsumura, Yasutsune Anko Itosu, Chosin Chibana and Shugoro Nakazato. It is training that goes back in time where true karateka and properly executed techniques were and still are synonymous with devastatingly sharp and total 100% effective self defense.

In the United States and other countries of the western world where Karate-Do is practiced, the ART has undergone many subtle and oftentimes unintended changes. Some of them are due to misrepresentations, over looked exactness and proliferated mistakes fostered though generational conveyances. Ultimately, it has altered the true essence of the art form. We return the true roots of these effective and ancient Okinawan martial arts.