Karatedo no Kokoro e

Conduct, Confidence & Respect

In addition to learning the techniques and skills of karate, Okinawan Martial Arts also teaches important life skills such as respect, discipline, self-confidence, manners, and good conduct. Especially for school-aged students but also for adults, the following life skills serve as important lessons that will be forever valuable to the student:

  • Confidence building
  • Listening and communication
  • Avoiding conflicts
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dealing with bullies (at school and at work!)
  • Community involvement
  • Teamwork
  • Taking responsibility
  • Respect
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Managing peer pressure

Karatedo no Kokoro e – The Heart of Karate

This section of the curriculum is guided by a set of principles called Karatedo no Kokoro e. Loosely translating to The Heart of KarateKaratedo no Kokoro e was written by Chōshin Chibana, the founder of the Shorin-ryū karate style taught at Okinawan Martial Arts.

The Karatedo no Kokoro e principles are:

  • Through physical training one can cultivate the mind
  • Avoid unnecessary fights; martial arts are to defend against unexpected calamities
  • Maximum effort
  • Courtesy
  • Chivalry