Whether young or old, the study of martial arts can enhance life in a multitude of ways including significant emotional improvement, mental alertness and overall physical development.

Development in each these areas will vary depending on the individual student and will evolve during the course of their martial arts education. However, at Okinawan Martial Arts we offer programs that are age-appropriate and designed specifically around the changing needs of our students.

As a vehicle for personal development and a structure for martial arts education, our curriculum is centered around five main areas:

Karate Do

Traditional Karate (Forms)

At Okinawan Martial Arts, students will learn traditional Shōrin-Ryū karate, the popular style developed on the Japanese island of Okinawa. Shōrin-Ryū karate is a balanced martial arts style and these […]


Weapons Combat

Kobudō is a martial arts weaponry systems originating on the island of Okinawa in Japan. The primary Kobudō training at Okinawan Martial Arts concentrates on the handling and manipulation of takes […]

Sei Shin Do Kai

Self Defense

Sei Shin Do Kai Defense Systems Hanshi Shiroma founded Sei Shin Do Kai, the “True Way” self-defense system. The defense tactics in this system are equal or superior to Krav Maga, […]

Karatedo no Kokoro e

Conduct, Confidence & Respect

In addition to learning the techniques and skills of karate, Okinawan Martial Arts also teaches important life skills such as respect, discipline, self-confidence, manners, and good conduct. Especially for school-aged […]



Jiyu Kumite or free fighting teaches the student the timing, distance, strategy, and resolve necessary to survive a real-world attack. These sparring or empty-hand combat techniques are taught in a controlled environment. They […]