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Grounded in tradition with real-world applications

We come from a respected training style, from the birthplace of karate – Okinawa. The styles we study are Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu Karate and Yamashita-Matayoshi Kobudo, the most respected weapons style in Okinawa and the world. We teach this time-tested, high-quality level of martial arts because the applications continue to be relevant to today’s world.

Our goal at Okinawan Martial Arts is to protect our community by teaching the physical and mental skills of practical self defense. Martial arts training is a simple, effective system that emphasizes real-world techniques that work for all ages, sizes and levels of physical ability. We offer complete stand-up and ground-fighting self-defense instruction as well as street-smart weapons defense tactics that will train both your body and mind. Here, we push ourselves to our personal limits to do our best – inside the dojo and out. At Okinawan Martial Arts you learn:

Discipline . Sportsmanship . Confidence . Strength . Fitness & Flexibility . Health . Community . Achievement . Leadership . Friendship & Fun . Effort & Determination . Self Defense & Life Skills . Respect . Coordination