Okinawan Martial Arts is home to all levels of martial arts and provides a broad spectrum of weekly adult and children’s martial arts classes in a nurturing and professional environment.

Since 2009, Okinawan Martial Arts has been recognizable in the community, a place where children, teenagers and adults can practice and learn alongside professional instructors, acclaimed instructors and Okinawan Master Instructors from around the United States.

Okinawan Martial Arts remains dedicated to:

Offering accessible martial arts classes of the highest caliber for all ages and all levels.

Offering students the opportunity to learn and work with world-renowned guest instructors and master teachers.

Providing an affordable, high quality Dojo and practice spaces for students to create and practice in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Maintaining a strong presence in martial arts education, as the only Wisconsin based Dojo supporting Hanshi Jiro Shiroma of Arizona Martial Arts Academy.

Bringing the martial arts into the local community and positively influencing future generations of artists

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