True Way Training


Okinawan Martial Arts trains students with Sei ShindoKai, true Kobayashi Shorin~Ryu kata and properly executed techniques that were and still are synonymous with totally and 100% effective self defense.















Leadership with Experience


At Okinawan Martial Arts our success is created on the Dōjō floor. Our diverse curriculum of Sei ShindoKai, Kobayashi Shōrin-Ryū Karate-Do and Okinawan Kobudō creates the atmosphere that allows every student to be challenged and stimulated for a lifetime.












Quality Training for Children


Through martial arts training students learn that goal setting is a key to success.

If you want your child to learn real self-defense and street safety, we are a life skill school!























“Okinawan Martial Arts is an outstanding place to learn martial arts. I feel comfortable and confident when my kids enter through those doors that they will learn the best of the best, in a safe environment, with very knowledgeable teachers. They care for the success of my kids not only in the Dojo but also in other aspects on their lives – school, other extra-curricular activities, and home life. We are treated with respect and the overall feeling is that of a big family. We love this place!” – Jami and Tony Vodicka




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Okinawan Martial Arts does not have specified enrollment dates throughout the year. Open enrollment, flexible schedule and a premier facility for training. Join us today! Please contact us to schedule a visit or to learn more about our classes and programs offered.