Effective Technique

At Okinawan Martial Arts we teach techniques that work for all ages, sizes and level of physical abilities. Students learn of to effectively and proficiently protect themselves from unexpected calamities and realistic street situations.







Resolve and Results

At Okinawan Martial Arts our success is created on the Dōjō floor. Our diverse curriculum of Sei ShindoKai, Kobayashi Shōrin-Ryū Karate-Do and Okinawan Kobudō creates the atmosphere that allows every student to be challenged and stimulated for a lifetime.





Education and Leadership

Education, Leadership and Community are the foundation for successful lives. At Okinawan Martial Arts we enhance all of our students, families and the community with Dedication, Development and Results.







At Okinawan Martial Arts we excel at what students need to know, understand and be able to do. We effectively teach to assure all students are learning and prepared for life.


“These days, with all the craziness going on in the world, safety is always a concern, especially being a small woman. A lot of karate schools walk you through the motions. Here, we learn real, techniques for all sizes and abilities that actually work if you ever get attacked.” – Maura Braatz


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Okinawan Martial Arts does not have specified enrollment dates throughout the year. Open enrollment, flexible schedule and a premier facility for training. Join us today! Please contact us to schedule a visit or to learn more about our classes and programs offered.